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Don’t Furr-get About Our Community Animals

The J. Byrne Insurance team is proud to be continuing our mission to change the lives of abandoned and abused animals through fostering programs like the New Jersey Humane Society. We are passionate about making sure these animals have a safe and happy home.

Our agency is thrilled to help them in their efforts to control, rescue, and protect the “stray and domesticated animals across Hudson County and Northern New Jersey”. They have committed themselves to be a no-kill shelter, ensuring that every animal is given the opportunity to live and be loved.

Aside from sheltering stray pets, the members at the New Jersey Humane Society also participate in animal cruelty investigations, offer low-cost veterinary services, have an emergency response team, and more.

We want to provide the NJ Humane Society with what they need to continue their fight by offering to donate $10 in your name for every referral you send our way for a no-obligation quote. Remember, our furry friends need YOU!